Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits

Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits

A Rough Country lift kit is one of the best ways to add extra clearance under your vehicle without going through significant expenses or hassle. These kits come in various sizes and configurations and can help you change how your vehicle looks, feels, sounds, and performs. They're great for adding clearance for larger wheels and tires and even lowering the car.

How We Can Help You Find The Lift Kit Of Your Dreams

Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits

Installing a lift kit by yourself can be a daunting task. But don't worry—we've got you covered and will take care of installing a Rough Country lift kit. Plus, we'll tell you why you should invest in a quality kit over a cheap one. Advanced Custom Sound installs only the highest quality products in Warren, OH. We know that you expect nothing less than perfection from us, and we deliver. When you buy from us, you're buying from a company that takes pride in its work. And since we're based locally, we know the ins and outs of the Warren, OH area better than anyone else. That means we can recommend the perfect parts for your vehicle and tell you which ones will fit perfectly.

Do You Need A Lift Kit Installed?

Rough Country lifts are becoming increasingly popular among truck owners who want to add style and performance to their trucks. These kits usually consist of custom wheels, suspension parts, and other accessories that allow drivers to customize their vehicles to suit their needs.

You might want a Rough Country lift kit installed on your vehicle for several reasons. First, it allows you to change the look of your truck while improving handling and ride comfort. Second, a lift kit will enable you to remove wheel wells, giving you more space inside your truck cab. Third, it provides extra clearance under the truck bed, allowing you to store more oversized items. Finally, a lift kit can provide additional storage space underneath the truck bed. We at Advanced Custom Sound are here to help, from picking the best one for you to installing it!

Different Types Of Rough Country Lift Kits

Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits

There are different kinds of lift kits available depending on the vehicle model. Here at Advanced Custom Sound , we can explain the differences from the most significant detail to the smallest. Most cars have a standard lift kit, while trucks and SUVs tend to have larger lifts. Some vehicles have unique features that require additional parts, including airbags, spoilers, and wheel locks. Depending on the car, a lift kit can cost anywhere from $200-$1,000.

Coilover kits are the simplest and easiest to install. Coilover kits contain springs and shock absorbers that attach directly to the car's frame. Airbag kits are similar, except instead of springs and shocks, they use airbags to cushion the vehicle. Strut bar kits are the most complex and expensive option. They consist of struts that connect to the chassis of the car.

Airbag kits are usually the cheapest option. However, they require special tools to install. Lift kits that use Coilover technology are typically much more affordable than strut bar kits. For example, a Coilover kit might cost $500-$1,000, whereas a strut bar kit could cost $2,000-$3,000.

Some Lift Kits We Love

  • Jeep JL Wrangler 3.5inch lift kit (Teraflex brand)
  • 08-12 Jeep Liberty 2.5-inch lift kit
  • 06-08 Ram 1500 leveling kit
  • 09-14 Ram 1500 4inch lift kit
  • 09-13 F150 lift kit
  • 14-20 F150 3.5 lift kit
  • 2021 F150 3.5 lift kit
  • 14-18 Sierra/Silverado 1500 4inch lift kit
  • 2019 Sierra/Silverado 1500 4inch lift kit
  • 07+ Tundra 3inch lift kit

The Right Lift For You

In conclusion,  Rough Country Lift Kits have been around since the early 2000s, but their popularity has only grown over the years. They offer many advantages over traditional lifts, including better performance, ease of installation, and lower cost. And if you haven't heard, we have many Rough Country Lift Kits now available! All of us at Advanced Custom Sound would love to help you find the right fit for your and your vehicle!

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Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits
Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits
Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits
Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits
Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits
Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits
Rough Country Vehicle Lift Kits
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